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Morning Star Farm
P.O. Box 101
Arroyo Seco, New Mexico 87514
(575) 779-6056 cell


1998-present Morning Star Farm, 2.5 acres, Taos New Mexico
100 member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
Supplier of garlic and vegetables to 9 Taos-area restaurants
Educational platform for local public and private schools
2010-2011 Sabbitical Year, Volunteer farm consulting in southern Baja California
  Buena Suerte Farm, 90 acre certified organic farm, Todo Santos
Green Paradise Farm, 75 acres transitional organic certification pending,Pescedero
Denis Catering Farm, 10 acre truck farm, Todo Santos
Racines y Brazos CSA Garden, Cabo San Jose
Permaculture Project, Aguas Calientes
Buena Fortuna Farm, Biologcal reserve 11 acres, owner Gaberial Howearth
1994-2002 Taos Waldorf School, Co-founder/Handwork teacher
1992-2000 Morning Star Farm, Certified organic NMOCC
1998-present Morning Star Farm, Bio-Dynamic
1999-2009 Taos Farmer's Market, Board Member
1992-2002 Production Weaver, Weaving Southwest, owner Rachel Brown


2011 National Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Conference, Spring Valley New York
2010 Presentation, Bio-Dynamic forces at Dunbar's educational evening
2009 Taos Farming Day, Presentar, Planting with the astrological influences
2009 Sponsor/Promoter screening of “One Man, One Cow, One Horn, How to Change the World”
2007 Workshop, Bio-Dynamic forces with Gunether Hawk, Boulder Colorado
2006 Sponsor/Promoter screening of “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”
2006 Presentar at NMOCC Conference, set-up and opereration of CSA's
2005 Workshop, Bio-Dynamic Preparations with Hugh Courtney
2004 Workshop, Bio-Dynamic Farming principles with Gunther Hawk, Santa Fe New Mexico
2003 National Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Conference, Eugene Oregon
2002-1992 NMOCC Conferences, Santa Fe New Mexico
1996 Scholarship recipient to attend Eco-Farm conference and farm tour in Asilomar, CA




Bio-Dynamic agriculture, as elaborated a century ago by Austrian mystic-visonary and scientist Dr. Rudolph Steiner (1861 to 1926 ), is the mainstay of my life. Steiner's precepts of agriculture evolved over a period of ten years from 1914 onward.

Converting my organic farm in New Mexico to Steinerian biodynamics was a leap of faith. As a result of applying his ideal closed-system sustainable approach, integrating all forces on the land -- animal, vegetable, mineral, astral/etheric -- my soil has improved, crop health has increased with reduced inputs and pest controls, and irrigation needs have been lowered by 2/3.

The quality and flavor of my vegetables have notably improved. My restaurant and CSA clients are happy!

In this complex, increasingly distraught world, I wish to share insights acquired and evolved over my twenty years of farming experience; based on Steiner's observations and teachings about nature with the goal of creating a farm organism. This way of farming is even more pertinent today as we deal with Nuclear contamination, increasing EMF's and the vast array of chemicals that enter our environment daily. --I hope to help by offering hands-on workshops,classes and consulting with farmers, gardeners and community members interested in the health of the soil, extrapolated to personal health and the health of their communities.