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Melinda offers the following
International Consulting Services

  Basic Organic Farming

Compost Making

Seed Saving

Season Extension Techniques

Drip Irrigation Systems

Business Plans
including field plans and budgets

Biodynamic Farming






In Guatemala, Melinda consulted with Miranda Talbott-Pope who runs a 501 c3 to help single mothers feed and educate their children. Miranda is adding local painters to sell their works and the money goes to buy books and uniforms for the children. In her interest to provide more and better food for these families she started a community garden. I helped her go over her plans making suggestion for improved use of the space and we added a composting system to her plans.



Melinda Bateman also has been traveling and consulting abroad. In the winter of 2013 she spent 5 five months in Central America.The first project Melinda consulted with is quite extensive. The Mangrove Association located in the Baja Lempa region of El Salvador has been teaching and working with the local subsitance farmers for 10 years now. They are currently wanting to increase the production of organically grown fruits and vegetables and want to create marketing opportunities to expand the interest. This project involved many aspects of farming, we ended up installing a state of the art drip system in the Research Garden and creating a business plan for this garden, complete with a Marketing plan. I hope to return in 2014 and provide more assistance for this project.


Research Garden and Installation
of the Drip System





Melinda traveled to Zacatecas Mexico in June to work on a project installing school gardens with every 7th grade class room in their state. 70 schools in total was the goal. They managed to install 7 in 10 days. Gloria Hidrogo, a successful artist gave a inspirational speech at each school, then an Ag extension man had the children chop up ground to make beds, install a drip irrigation system and plant seeds. Melinda's job was to make a Biodynamic compost pile at garden site. It was great work, but the government didn't have the funding to follow through so the project is on hold for now.