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Melinda Bateman has been living in Taos and running Morning Star Farm of Taos for 20 years now. Her education and interests have taken her to many places in her lifetime. She's been fortunate enough to have worked in the United States and Latin America to help those develop and grow their own gardening projects, from small to large


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Morning Star Farm serves as a base for Melinda Bateman. Her consulting work is called on locally in New Mexico as well as in other states. She's travelled the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest to learn about techniques in various zones.

Focusing on the Southwest and growing techniques such as drought resistant plants and crops, Melinda is able to guide her clients to making the right choices for their gardens.

Working abroad is also a specialty that Melinda Bateman has to offer. This past year, she spent time in Central America setting up a Biodynamic Farm in Guatemala.

Following this project, Melinda traveled to El Salvador to oversee what had been set up as a community project that needed assistance. By evaluating the situation, she was able to make suggestions to make the project work.

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