Founded in 1991 by Melinda Bateman, Morning Star Farm is a 2.5 acre farm located north of Taos New Mexico in the village of Arroyo Seco. At 7500 feet on the alti-plano of Northern New Mexico, we are blessed with an abundance of sun. We are challenged with 12 inches of annual rainfall and a short, cool growing season.

The farm has gone through various forms since its creation in 1992. I started my commercial ventures by selling 40 extra heads of lettuce out of my home garden to Amigos Coop. In 1993 I began selling to local restaurants, and in 1994 the Taos Farmer's Market. In 1998 I started the first CSA in Taos County. I started with 20 families and when I made the difficult choice to close the CSA in 2011 we were serving 100 families.

In 1998 we made horn manure, the Biodynamic preparation for the soil. We were so thrilled with the results that we converted our organic farm to Biodynamics. I was one of the original organic farmers in New Mexico, joining the certified organic agency here in New Mexico as farm number 5, in 1994.

Now a days things on the farm focus around garlic, restaurant sales and my desires to teach, and consult exposing more people to the land and good food. Future dreams include building an outdoor kitchen, hosting meals that allow people to re-connect, with each other, with food, and the land. Adding some form of housing for interns and students, making it easier to teach and share the farm.

In 2012 my son Rowan and I ran the farm. This past season, Roxanne Rane, and some great volunteer girlfriends helped me run the farm with occasional help from my son Forrest. Morning Star Farm will continue to evolve with input from our family and the community that we serve.


Morning Star Farm


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Mission Statement

Our mission at Morning Star Farm is to produce high quality local vegetables using organic and Bio-dynamic growing techniques.

To increase consumer awareness about the many benefits of local small scale farming. Environmental, economic and the health benefits for the consumer. Fresh heirloom vegetables taste good! This makes it easier to eat more, and get healthier.

To contribute to bettering the world by caretaking the land and all the creatures that work and live on the farm; creating a model of true sustainability for the land and humans involved.

“We must become the change we wish to see” Gandhi



Morning Star Farm


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