I started my Domestic consulting career in October of 2012. Friends requested that I teach a weekend Biodynamic workshop in Encinitas CA. We stirred and applied 500, the biodynamic preparation for the soil, had a basic introduction to biodynamic history and techniques, built a compost pile inoculating it with the 6 compost preparations and had a session on the astrological influences focusing on how to use the Stella Calendar.

I began offering my classes, What to Grow, When to Grow it and How, Aqui in Taos. Over the course of 3 Saturday afternoons, I go over season extension techniques, water, soil, compost and resources.

I have done some on-site visits. Creating a planting plan, when to start planting, what amounts to plant so that say a salad lover can have great lettuce all season long. Offering suggestions on what varieties to plant for spring, summer and fall crops. So that our salad lover will have a lettuce that does well in the spring, another for the heat of summer and another for the cooler fall nights.

We look at good solutions to watering, sources of water, possible irrigation systems, I like t-tape drip systems for vegetable gardens, and emitters for larger plants, like trees and berries. Systems like this can be easy and affordable, paying for themselves with increased yield and saving labour.

We cover soil. What to amend the soil with, where to locate a compost pile and tips for building a successful one. We can discuss cover crops, what might work well for your site, and what labour is involved in growing and turning one in.

Season extension is also considered. What do you want to grow? Does this crop need shade cloth? Row cover? Or will it do just fine with no protection. Are there natural features in your garden or landscape that can enhance the yield of say your tomatoes? What can you plant to take advantage of a shady spot? Or a place that gets lots of sun?

Using my 21 years of growing experience, I can help you make a plan for a successful garden or farm that will get you results. Lot's of good food to eat, a lovely garden to look at and enjoy, or a commercial garden that will make income.

The Taos special. Farmer Melinda comes to your site. In one hour we can create a plan for your plot, including suggestions for drip or irrigation systems, location of compost pile, useage of micro climates for various crops, i.e. Utilizing natural features to enhance yields and qualities of fruits and vegetables. We can discuss options for soil preparation and improvement, control of weeds and other pests. Hand-outs will include Farmer Melinda’s list for resources and Melinda’s list of favorite cultivators for Taos.

Cost: $40.00
An additional cost of $10.00 to cover travel expenses for other sites in Taos County.

All services and classes can be arranged for other locations, please inquire as to prices and availability.