morning star farm

Directions to Morning Star Farm

Drive to the Village of Arroyo Seco on Hwy 150. As you enter the village, turn left onto the Hondo Seco Road. (It looks like you are driving around the front of the Snow Mansion). Beyond the Cemetery (on the left side) look for the cedar post with house number 554. The very next road is the left hand turn to the farm. There is a sign for Morning Star Farm, and numbers up for houses, 544, 544 A, 546, 548, and 550. After turning left onto the private gravel road there is a large pasture on your right, the west side of the road. At the end of the pasture look for another sign for Morning Star Farm, directing you to turn right. After the two guest houses on the left side of the road, turn right onto the dirt road going into a pasture to the farm. By now you can see the Greenhouse, and the Garden Shed.

Coming from the cross roads, 230 and Hondo-Seco Road turn right heading towards Seco and the mountains. Turn right onto the private road with house numbers 544, 544A, 546, 548 550 and the Morning Star Farm sign. After turning right, follow the above directions from the horse pasture.

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