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Melinda Bateman has been living in Taos New Mexico, running Morning Star Farm of Taos for 20 years. Her education and interests have taken her to many places in her lifetime. She's been fortunate enough to have worked in the United States and Latin America to help with projects from small home gardens to large scale commercial farms.


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We come to your site and create a custom - farm plan, including suggestions for drip or irrigation systems, location of compost pile, use of micro-climates for various crops, i.e., utilizing natural features to enhance yields and qualities of fruits and vegetables, as well as offering options for soil preparation and improvement and control of weeds and other pests. Client will be given hand-outs detailing a list of favorable cultivars for Taos and a list of resources to accomplish your farm plan.


Melinda's put her Spanish-speaking skills to work, particularly in the Baja Lempa region of El Salvador, where she worked extensively with The Mangrove Association, teaching local farmers how to build compost piles, designing and installing drip-irrigation systems, and creating Field Plans. In Guatemala, Melinda worked with "Painting My Future", a non-profit that assists single mothers in feeding and educating their children, working on their community garden and creating field plans for future projects.

Melinda Offers the following International Consulting Services:

• Basic Organic Farming
• Compost Making
• Seed Saving
• Season Extension Techniques
• Drip Irrigation Systems
• Business Plans; including Field Plans and Budgets
• Biodynamic Farming


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