April 30th

July 2nd

October 1st

LOCATION: Santa Fe Waldorf School

This is an open meeting.

April 30th
Dig up the Barrel Compost that we made last year and make and bury Horn Silica, also called 501.

July 2nd
Dig up the 500 we made in 2016.
Make Barrel Compost.

October 1st
Make and bury Horn Manure also called 500. Dig up the Horn Silica/501.
Make Nettles and Valerian preparations.


April 22 & 23

1:00 to 5:00
both days


LOCATION: Morning Star Farm of Taos

We will cover soil, compost, irrigation, timing of planting, varieties, season extension techniques, harvesting, storage and resources. Bring your questions! We will make plans for your garden during class, complete with rotations and dates for your vegetable garden dreams.

Cost: $100.00

May 7th

LOCATION: Morning Star Farm of Taos

May 7th Compost! We will make a compost pile and discuss many options for creating a successful composting system for your garden or farm. 10:00 to 2:00. Bring a sack lunch.

Cost: $50.00

May 27 & 28

LOCATION (both days): Morning Star Farm of Taos

We will start with the basics, stirring and applying 500 and Barrel Compost, making compost and working with the 6 compost preps. Enhance your gardens resilience to extreme weather, and increase the soil microbiology all in alignment with the Earth's natural rhythms.

May 27th
3:00 - 5:00pm

Stirring and applying 500 with Barrel compost.

May 28th
9:30am - 4:00pm

We will make a compost pile and add the 6 compost preps. Lunch provided. The afternoon will be class time for a more in depth explanation of cosmic rhythms, ideas and suggestions for applications of the preparations. My goal is for students to leave class feeling comfortable and confident enough to start treating their own farms and gardens with the Biodynamic preparations. Students can take home enough stirred preparations to treat their gardens or farms with on Saturday after class.

Cost (for both days): $100




Or call Melinda
(575) 779-6056
for directions or more information