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Morning Star Farm

Morning Star Farm is a small scale family owned and operated Biodynamic farm located north of Taos, New Mexico in the high altitude terrain of Northern New Mexico. We are passionate about garlic, and grow a wide variety of great tasting heirloom vegetables too!

Farmer Melinda Bateman teaches classes, offers consulting services here in the US and internationally; si habla espanol.

Check out our schedule of events and classes below, order some of our great garlic, and experience some of the fun and magic of Morning Star Farm.


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Winter - Spring 2016

2016 is bringing a lot of opportunities for speaking about Biodynamic farming. Starting February 21st I am co-presenting at a break out session on basic Biodynamics. Then February 26 I have been invited to present to the local Taos Women Farmers. Then in November, the National Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Conference will be held in Santa Fe New Mexico. I have agreed to be on the committee that selects speakers for the conference. I will also present at a breakout session.

The greens crop in the greenhouse has been doing well for the third season of growing year round. I feel very comfortable now with this new technique of using Biodynamic Valerian to protect the plants from the cold. I would love to find someone who wants to experiment and see if this could be replicated in other greenhouses. I still find it so amazing that I can grow through the winter months using $17.00 of Valerian prep and row covers.

Current plans for the farm this summer include building a chicken coop and getting chickens back on the farm. I am going to put some of the farm back into pasture to rest the soil and hopefully compete with the weeds. I have some thoughts to raise a lamb or two. I hear sheep eat bindweed, and I have too much bindweed! Maybe I can convert bindweed into something more edible.

I have a young couple staying here on the farm, and we are making plans to continue growing a few crops for our restaurant accounts. Jordan and Zoe are interested in growing herbs and creating some tea blends for sale.

As I write this, it feels like spring, must be 60 outside. It will be hard to swing back into winter, but I am certain that we will have more snow, and mud!!

Check out the classes I am offering. I have had requests to schedule classes on a different day that Saturdays, so I am offering some evening classes and an option for Sunday.

Happy Growing!
Farmer Melinda



Let an expert guide you thru the learning curve of setting up and using your backyard garden or commercial farm to it’s fullest potential.

With over 20 years of experience as a Market Gardener in Taos New Mexico utilizing Organic and Biodynamic methods, Melinda Bateman has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Season extension techniques, drip irrigation systems, composting and seed saving top the list, and are just the start of what Melinda has to offer. Melinda can guide you through the multitude of choices for your region and micro climate so that you have a successful and abundant garden or farm right from the start.



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To Come

Biodynamic Tree Care Workshop

9:00am - 5:00pm

We will make tree paste, and special clay balls for placing under trees and shrubs. The tree paste protects the bark of trees from weather and pests. The clay balls enhance the trees vigor and growth.

Farm lunch included