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Morning Star Farm

Morning Star Farm is a small scale family owned and operated Biodynamic farm located north of Taos, New Mexico in the high altitude terrain of Northern New Mexico. We are passionate about garlic, and grow a wide variety of great tasting heirloom vegetables too!

Farmer Melinda Bateman teaches classes, offers consulting services here in the US and internationally; si habla espanol.

Check out our schedule of events and classes below, order some of our great garlic, and experience some of the fun and magic of Morning Star Farm.

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Winter - Spring 2017

2016 has been the year of conferences and educational opportunities. In May I hosted a Biodynamic field day at Morning Star Farm with the Biodynamic association. Out of this field day we formed a New Mexico Biodynamic Group. We started making preps in Santa Fe this past fall. If you are interested the information on the groups activities is on the farm schedule.

In July, I attended a workshop with Michael Thiele on Bees. The workshop was held at Hummingbird near Mora. It was fantastic! Even though I am not a beekeeper, the class focused on the nature of bees. Michael created an incredible sensation of how bees become one organism within the hive. He went on to explain why our current hives go against a bee’s nature creating a anti-life environment instead of a pro-life environment. You can find him on the web if you type in Gaia bees.

September found me driving north to Carbondale Colorado for a Biodynamic preparation making weekend at Sustainable Settings. I have made some of the Biodynamic compost preparations before, but never when a cow was slaughtered. I was nervous about the cow death part, but it ended up being an amazing experience. I had no idea what the 4 stomachs of a cow looked like, incredible! One was like a shag carpet, another had this amazing honeycomb pattern, another was like a series of waves. During the workshop we made 3 of the compost preparations, Chamomile,which gets stuffed into the large intestines of the the cow, making a sausage of a type. Oak Bark which gets packed into an animals skull, we used the cow, and Dandelion which sewn into packets using the mesentery of the cow. We also made two Hugo Erbe preps, cow stomach and a clay esophagus . We ate great farm food from Sustainable Settings and worked long days.

November was super busy as I started out by attending the Quivara coalition conference in Albuquerque. I had always wanted to go and see what these folks are up to, great people with the mission to restore grazing lands to good healthy eco systems. Next I attended a Quantum Agriculture course with Hugh Lovel in Tesque. Hugh’s work is based on Biodynamics and current soil science. Fantastic stuff, such a great teacher, so positive and enthusiastic. He will be giving an Advanced Course here in Taos next November.

Then I was asked by the Biodynamic Association to coordinate the Merry Prepstir events prior to the National Biodynamic Conference in Santa Fe. This entailed traveling to 6 farms starting in ABQ and ending here in Taos. Hugh Lovel ended up being the main Prepstir who lead all the events. At each farm or garden Hugh taught, and we stirred and applied all the Biodynamic preparations to the various lands. We made a compost pile at one farm. We worked with about 100 people who attended these free events. It was fun to see people get excited about using Biodynamics and get over their fears or concerns about it being hard or difficult to understand and apply.

Then I attended the National Biodynamic conference in Santa Fe. About 800 people attended from all over the globe. The keynote speakers were so interesting and inspiring. From social justice to geometric forms, specifcally the Chestrehedron, Denis Kloeck talking about weather and earth patterns or the many indigenous peoples who spoke, the conference had so much to offer. Pre-conference hands on workshops and field trips covered more practical hands on aspects. Conference days covered everything from beginning biodynamics to working with Elemental beings. You can find more information on the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Web site.

Last but not least, I was offered a work trade to attend the Acres USA Conference in Omaha Nebraska. This entailed working at the Josephine Porter book booth and getting to attend a few of the lectures and sessions. It was a very different experience for me.

Most of the ACRES farmers own 200 or more acres of land and use machinery, and have animal operations. It’s a whole different world than my little 2 acre operation without even a tractor. ACRES does promote organics and soil health. There were a few lectures about GMO’s and environmental health issues that provided a lot of hard science about the detrimental effects to human health. It was depressing, but good information.

Happy Growing!
Farmer Melinda



Let an expert guide you thru the learning curve of setting up and using your backyard garden or commercial farm to it’s fullest potential.

With over 20 years of experience as a Market Gardener in Taos New Mexico utilizing Organic and Biodynamic methods, Melinda Bateman has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Season extension techniques, drip irrigation systems, composting and seed saving top the list, and are just the start of what Melinda has to offer. Melinda can guide you through the multitude of choices for your region and micro climate so that you have a successful and abundant garden or farm right from the start.



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Morning Star Farm of Taos
Morning Star Farm of Taos
Morning Star Farm of Taos




April 22nd
& 23rd

Basic Gardening for Taos: What to Grow, When to Grow it & How!

1:00pm - 5:00pm
(both days)

April 30th

New Mexico Biodynamic Group Meeting

May 7th Composting
May 27th
& 28th
Basic Biodynamic Techniques
July 2nd New Mexico Biodynamic Group Meeting
October 1st New Mexico Biodynamic Group Meeting