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Morning Star Farm

Morning Star Farm is a small scale family owned and operated Biodynamic farm located north of Taos, New Mexico in the high altitude terrain of Northern New Mexico. We are passionate about garlic, and grow a wide variety of great tasting heirloom vegetables too!

Farmer Melinda Bateman teaches classes, offers consulting services here in the US and internationally; Si habla espanol.

Check out our schedule of events and classes below, order some of our great garlic, and experience some of the fun and magic of Morning Star Farm.


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Summer 2015

Wow, we have been busy here at the farm! With all the lovely rain most everything is thriving, especially the weeds! Last week’s wine and weed was great fun as we fired up the earth oven for the first time this season. Pizza, wine and a bonfire were enjoyed by all.

July 3rd and July 4th was Garlic Harvest. The 2015 crop boosts the biggest garlic we have ever grown here at the farm, with the trial crop of a garlic new to us, “Leningrad” being the winner for size.

We have been meeting weekly for a Biodynamic study group on Tuesday afternoons. We picked “Grasp the Nettle” by Peter Proctor. It is very practical and great for Denis, our Brazilian intern as Peter Proctor practices Biodynamics in the Southern Hemisphere. Denis plans to return to Brazil this fall, finish his Agricultural degree and start his own Biodynamic farm.

The past two weeks we had two volunteers on the farm. A father/son team who were interested in Biodynamics and the Earthships. We a have also had a few locals joining us on our volunteer days, Wedensdays and Thursdays. Lunch has been delicious with Brook as our chef.

Our Solstice Prep making day was a success. We made a large batch of Barrel Compost, also know as Cow Pat Pit. We made and buried 4 horns worth of some various experimental versions of 501, horn silica. From past experiences with applying 501, I am interested in making a 501 with the addition of some clay so that the 501 does not burn the plants. We have such strong sun forces here I think the 501 can be to strong. After a potluck lunch break, we dug up last years 500, Horn Manure. Since I started making the pit 3 feet deep, we searched awhile before finding all the horns. This years batch of 500 looks nicely digested, better than the 500 from 2014. As a result of all this prep making, we now have 500, 501 and Barrel Compost for sale.

Restaurant sales are brisk, the good news is we are selling everything! Denis and I are planning on attending our first Farmers Market July 25 th to kick off Garlic sales for the 2015 season.

Happy Summer,
Farmer Melinda




Let an expert guide you thru the learning curve of setting up and using your backyard garden or commercial farm to it’s fullest potential.

With over 20 years of experience as a Market Gardener in Taos New Mexico utilizing Organic and Biodynamic methods, Melinda Bateman has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Season extension techniques, drip irrigation systems, composting and seed saving top the list, and are just the start of what Melinda has to offer. Melinda can guide you through the multitude of choices for your region and micro climate so that you have a successful and abundant garden or farm right from the start.



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To Come

Biodynamic Tree Care Workshop

9:00am - 5:00pm

We will make tree paste, and special clay balls for placing under trees and shrubs. The tree paste protects the bark of trees from weather and pests. The clay balls enhance the trees vigor and growth.

Farm lunch included