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Morning Star Farm

Morning Star Farm is a small scale family owned and operated Biodynamic farm located north of Taos, New Mexico in the high altitude terrain of Northern New Mexico. We are passionate about garlic, and grow a wide variety of great tasting heirloom vegetables too!

Farmer Melinda Bateman teaches classes, offers consulting services here in the US and internationally; Si habla espanol.

Check out our schedule of events and classes below, order some of our great garlic, and experience some of the fun and magic of Morning Star Farm.


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Spring 2015

It must be spring in Taos again. We were out digging beds in our T-shirts yesterday, and today it is Snowing!

News for the 2015 season starts with my welcoming Andrea Martone as my farming partner. Andrea has lots of experience on other farms, most recently a small CSA farm in Durango Colorado, Callused Palms. We met at a Biodynamic Seminar in Paonia Colorado. I am excited to have a younger, enthusiastic Biodynamic farmer on board. She is already thinking about starting up our CSA again in 2016.

We are once again looking for volunteers to come once a week, on either Wednesday or Thursday and help from 7:00am till 12noon. Volunteers will receive a bag of whatever produce we have that week. Thursdays are harvest day, Wednesdays work will vary. We would prefer a long-term commitment, but on Wednesday’s as long as we know in advance that you are coming, we will be happy to have you!

Other news includes the addition of a cow that we are sharing with our neighbors, Chris Pieper and Elana Lombard. Access to the manure is very exciting for a Biodynamic Farmer.

Then for the first time in many years, we will be hosting an intern, Denis Gallo from Brazil. Denis is currently attending the University of Arizona in Tucson studying Agriculture. He is interested in Biodynamics and the scale or size of Morning Star Farm because he hopes to work with farmers in his country who are receiving parcels of land from the Brazilian government. This program is designed to help families become independent on a small 2.5-acre parcel of land. Denis informed me that most of the graduates in Agriculture in Brazil end up working for Monsanto, so I am eager to help him with whatever practical experience Morning Star Farm has to offer.

I have not yet scheduled classes or events. I had a family emergency in Oregon this spring that made it difficult. If you are interested, check back on the calendar. I am still planning on a Biodynamic tree care workshop, a Biodynamic prep making day close to the Summer Solstice, and we will host a few Wine and Weed parties firing up our new Pizza Oven.

Happy Summer,
Farmer Melinda




Let an expert guide you thru the learning curve of setting up and using your backyard garden or commercial farm to it’s fullest potential.

With over 20 years of experience as a Market Gardener in Taos New Mexico utilizing Organic and Biodynamic methods, Melinda Bateman has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Season extension techniques, drip irrigation systems, composting and seed saving top the list, and are just the start of what Melinda has to offer. Melinda can guide you through the multitude of choices for your region and micro climate so that you have a successful and abundant garden or farm right from the start.



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June 12

Wine and Weed Friday

Weeding is just the pulling type, no smoking. You know, bindweed, purslane and such. Not noxious, but definitely obnoxious!

We start around 4:00pm or 5:00pm, weed till 7:00pm and then drink some wine and nibble on snacks.

Slow down the pace, enjoy conversation, sip wine, watch the sunset from the comfort of your lawn chair.

June 21

Biodynamic Preparation Making Day

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for details.

June 26

July 10

July 24

Wine & Weed Fridays

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TBA Biodynamic Tree Care Workshop
TBA Biodynamic Prep Making Day
Sometime close to the Summer Solstice.